Easy steps to build an ecommerce website for startups

Step 1 : All you have to get DOMAIN+HOSTING+DEVELOPMENT  for a functional online store. So you have to purchase all of them. But if you choose Zixokart as your Ecommerce builder/Developer you only have to buy an plan for development and domain+hosting is free with that.

if you are not buying an plan from Zixokart then go for buying Domain+Hosting from third party provider like Hostinger etc.

So now move ahead to the second step

Step 2 : Feed your store with few products and  do basic setup for product options, discount, coupon, taxation, shipping, payment gateways, notification alerts etc.

Step 3 : Test it as user (admin/vendor/customer)  and get familiar with your store functions.

Step 4 : Place a nice logo and match your website appearance as per dominant color in your logo. Place few good banners. Fix layout for each pages like home, category, product page etc..

Step 5 : Promote it via google adword, social marketing, app push notification, email and sms marketing. Start focusing on SEO.

NOTE : Once you start getting orders, focus on business and move ahead.

Happy Selling !


How much does an eCommerce website cost in 2020?

In 2020 it is no more costly investment to start digital Ecommerce platefarm-

you need to pay for Domain + Hosting + Development for a functional online store.

A domain like may cost you around Rs.600-800 per year. –Source: Hostinger

A cloud hosting may cost you approx. Rs. 599/months. –Source: Hostinger)

Ecommerce development based on open sourced framework can cost you something around Rs10000-50000 one time.(Depending Your Required Features) –Source: Zixokart)

In nutshell, It will cost you development charges Rs.10000-50000 one time and domain & hosting cost approx Rs.8000 per year.

Our package includes basically Development which covers integration of feature pack (standard or multivendor) on selected design code.

However, in order to support you, domain and hosting services (sourced from 3rd party service provider) are also available.
Domain: free
Hosting: You get cloud hosting free for 1Yr. It is just enough to get your website installed and you can feed it with few products and can do all set ups. It is not enough to run your online business in actual with large traffic and advertisement. So, once you are ready with all, you can migrate to other large server. Free migration from our server to your end server is available.

Important Note: Buying domain and hosting at your end, is a better option. You get direct ownership on it. You just pay to service provider and you get the title.


How To Choose Best Ecommerce plateform In India

Around 4-5 years back purchasing “anything” online was regarded either blasphemer madness. Then came the super-pace growth of e-bay, Amazon,Flipkart,Snapdeal and many others, tied by the higher penetration of web in India which led to a revolutionary grow thin online shopping. As the top 4 have always been in a competition to beat each other in sales, but what they actually done is increase India’s e-commerce market at a breakneck pace. And, not to mention, this competition has led many small startups to start their own best eCommerce platform in India selling various products online.Zixokart Helps You to Make Your Own Best Ecommerce platform in India with affordable price.AdminAccording to a report released by an American Information Technology Research & Advisory Corporation known as Garner, “e-commerce in India will probably exceed $6 Billion in profits by 2015, estimating a 70% growth from a year-ago”. Nearly 8 Million people did their shopping from one of above mentioned top 4 online shopping websites in 2012, and today the number has grown to 35 Million this year. By 2016, this online consumer base will rise to nearly 3 times to 100-Million, and over 50 percent of the new buyers could be from Tier-I and Tier-II towns. This makes India one of the wildest-growing e-commerce markets in Asia Pacific region..

Today people of India shop online without any doubts or fear in their mind and this rate has increased by 71% among the Tier-I and Tier-II customers with over 30% of traffic on e-commerce website arising from smartphones or tablets. Thus Indian online marketplace is set to surpass $15 Million by 2016. The current Indian e-commerce market is quite similar to the China market in 2005!

To know best how the Indian e-commerce companies are playing the fields, for each Rs 100 spent to e-tailing, Rs 35 is spent on subsidiary services like payment gateways, warehousing, logistics, and many others. Shipping costs any eCommerce platform owner extra 8-10% that ends with other e-commerce giants producing nothing lucrative out of the deal. This tells us why is yet to reach a smiley in profitability while other Indian alternatives are nowhere when it comes to profitability, anytime in the long run.

So, if you are a startup who wish to start your own best eCommerce platform in India, then you should look for a service provider that can help you build your e-store with no flaws. With specially-designed services around cash on delivery, payments, automated delivery management and multi-channel sales – ZixoKart is the only e-commerce system that will be customized for that Indian touch.

Beautiful Store-Fronts

You will get access to more than 100 mobile-ready and web store themes that are custom-tailored for your business. All of our themes is fully customizable, so you may fine-tune your theme and produce your online store according to your needs. Our e-commerce application feature the very best checkout procedure in the market, so you can optimize your sales while providing your visitors all-in-one experience.

Mobile-ready Shops

Create your online shop with Zixokart and get mobile-ready site, which means your clients can reach you wherever they’re. Mobile-responsive themes from Zixokart help auto-alter your store and enhance the theme to any mobile screen to enhance navigation and usability. With a big populace of India had gone mobile, you realize you have to prepare yourself!

Sell more &Sell everywhere

Zixokart is one of the best ecommerce platforms in India that will be pre-integrated with top online marketplaces such as eBay &Amazon. Other online marketplaces like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Jabong, YepMe are already trying their level best to allure their shoppers. This means you merely list your products in your Zixokart shop, and sell online in India. You may also push feeds to Shopzilla,Junglee, Googlse, Yahoo and Bing to gain more online presence for your online store.

Manage your online store

Now you can manage your e-store and sell your products online in India via using your smartphone, laptop tablet. All that’s necessary is an admin Android app of ZixoKart. This application will help you gain access to your store’s administrator screen with a single click. What else do you need? You can add new products; manage inventory, process orders, and a whole lot more with this app.

Did You Love these features? We got them. With more than 200 exclusive features, ZixoKart is the greatest bet to sell your products online in India. We manage sales, payments, and shipping, traffic and mobile-ready online retailers.